HeatHolder Socks, a warm feet review

When I go camping one of the things I like is laying in my bed at night, snug and warm, listening to rabbits and foxes and who knows what snuffingly about around the tent. Some evenings it’s harder to feel warm and snuggly than others though. If you’ve spent a day in rain on a windswept hillside, or in a chilly lake water skiing (I have never done that so I’m guessing) or wandering about a festival, scantily clad in fancy dress on a drizzly British summer day (I have done this one) it can be hard to get warmed up again. As I have poor circulation due to Charcot-Marie-Tooth my feet are often freezing even on a warm day, on a cold day you could use them to chill champagne.

So I was pleased to be asked to review some HeatHolder products, including some simply super socks! They are so warm and snuggly and fluffy inside. I tried them on on my cold feet and really felt the difference almost immediately. They are really soft and thick, the inside brushed layer is like candyfloss (less sticky obviously) and they felt just dreamy. I was also sent a blanket which will be perfect for evenings sitting in the tent, or in a camp chair near the fire, and over my sleeping bag on colder nights.

If you suffer from chilly feet keeping you awake I would recommend trying some HeatHolders. They also make cute welly socks, that not only make your wellies look snazzy but stop the tops rubbing your legs when you are in your festival shorts, and of course keep your feet super warm even when in cold festival mud.

Whichever festivals you choose to go to this year you will see amazing sights, meet lots of people and witness great entertainment – but don’t forget to make sure you’re prepared for the British weather!

Heat Holders have a number of thermal products in their range, including socks, wellington socks, blankets, thermal underwear, jumpers, neck warmers, hats, gloves, tights and leggings, and are available to buy online at www.heatholders.co.uk and at various high street retailers.

Disclosure. I was sent socks and a blanket for the purposes of this review but the opinions and wording are my own.
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