Workforce socks, for walking and working - review

I don’t do much walking anymore, but when I do I like to wear proper walking boots and thick socks. Getting out into the countryside needs to be a comfy experience, no one wants blisters! And without proper foot wear you can risk, wet feet, sweaty feet (yuk), cold feet and just general discomfort. Especially important if you are walking each day over a period of time too as your feet have no time to heal. Most walkers spend a fair bit on boots and waterproof clothing but can be less discerning when it comes to socks. I have been reviewing some Workforce socks and not only do they look the part, they are nice and thick and comfy too. Sized correctly they don’t bunch up in my walking socks and give great cushioning support when I’m walking.

If you are looking for a comfy, soft and cushioning walking sock with a classic look, that is also hardwearing, you could do a lot worse than Workforce socks

Workforce also have socks designed specifically for wetter working conditions. The Classic Thermal Sock features full terry cushion footbed for the maximum comfort and shock absorption with 90% acrylic to ensure the cold is kept out all day. 

Workforce Long Boot Socks offer increased support to  the heel, toe and arch areas, ensuring greater durability.
Workforce socks are also the perfect choice for industry professionals, for a wide array of different DIY projects or simply for ensuring maximum comfort and support when worn for a number of different activities.  With 17 different designs currently included in the range, practicality is always a priority and Workforce guarantees to provide a hard working sock that doesn’t compromise on style or comfort. 
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Disclosure. I was sent several pairs of socks for the purposes of this review but the opinions and wording are my own.
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