Let's talk about camping food.

Let's talk food.

I like to set up the tent and get everything sorted and then I can relax, have a beer and cook some food. As I don't camp with electricity or refrigeration the first night's food may be fresh things but I will rely on cans and packets as time passes. But what better meal that chilli and rice. Perfect comfort food, easy to cook and eat, store well in cans (and using those pouches of partially cooked rice saves on fuel to cook the rice too) I know my brother fondly recalls the time we experimented with the extra hot Dynamite chilli, after all, how hot could it be? (spoiler - very hot, we nearly died and were only saved by beer)

So comfort camping food for this winter Friday is chilli and rice, nice cowboy feel to it too - if you are alone eat it from the saucepan, you mountain man, you!

Tempted to cook some at home now and pretend


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