Hi Di Hi Campers, have you got your wellies on?

Yes it's 2016 and no I haven't blogged since Hector was a pup, but here we are. It is STILL raining in the UK and if I wasn't comforted by rainbows I might have begun to build an ark. It is looking increasingly likely that by the time my daughter is a grown up she will be having boating holidays (like in water world) rather than camping ones!

All this water made me think of Wellingtons. Those rather fabulous boots named for a Duke and now cheerfully keeping the camper, farmer, and dog walker's feet dry.
wellington boots wellies
I seem to have got though a fair number of wellies in my time, I think festival life takes it out of them. Sun seems to make then brittle and then they crack and let in the very thing they are designed to save us from, the camper's nemesis, mud.

As a festival girl I like a fancy welly, no plain black ones for me, or a smart functional green, no I like a bit of flair.
festival wellies

The first wellies I bought for festivals were black with tattoo prints on. There are still lots of cool tattoo wellies about but mine cracked after a year and were replaced with a skull themed pair. They too lasted only a year and I was getting pretty fed up with the lack of quality. Next I tried a cheap pair of black 'lace up' wellies and added some fancy ribbon, and an extra pair of wellies that were printed to look like converse trainers! They both managed two years before succumbing to the same old cracking issues as all the others.
wellies in mud
DD sports some black wellies with glitter in that we bought from a local garden centre and they have lasted ages! Through numerous festivals, camping trips, even visits to the beach.
wellies on the beach

Last year I bought some Peter Storm wellies at the end of the season for a bargain £9.99 and I'm hoping they last at least the rest of this year's festival season. My new wellies are super hero themed. Perfect.
If these give up the ghost I'm very tempted by these cowboy style wellingtons...over at Funky Leisure.

But I'm still not going camping yet. Is it still raining?
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