Rain and Camp Bestival (never in the same place at the same time)

Today it is raining. But at Camp Bestival it doesn't rain. I know as I've been there every year since 2010 and we have only once had a tiny shower. Camp Bestival is the place to take children to experience real life, out door life, a holiday camp in a field, with a castle, with magical things...

Check out the video and if you are still not filled with the desire to join me there this year...well, I'll just have to lure you with cocktails and comedy and ...so much more

As the Camp Bestival team prepare for this year’s Outer Space adventures with Fatboy Slim, Tears for Fears, Jess Glynne, Mr Tumble, Dick and Dom and a whole galaxy of astronomical amusements, they’ve given us a little glimpse into the kind of fest-holiday delights you can expect at Lulworth Castle at the end of July. So grab the kids and sit back and enjoy this fantastic film, as the Jansch clan discover just how much fun you can have at the UK’s favourite family festival.

Adult Weekend Ticket - £197.50*
Student Weekend Ticket - £185*
Age 13 to 17 Weekend Ticket  - £118*
Age 10 to 12 Weekend Ticket  - £93*
Age 5 to 9 Weekend Ticket - £45*
Age 4 & Under Weekend Ticket - £15*
Babes In Arms (1 & Under) - FREE (but ticket required)*

*All tickets include camping from Thursday

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