Curious Arts Festival 2016

So I expect you are all wondering, did I manage to see all of the things I hoped to at the Curious Arts Festival?

curious arts festival programme

Well, no. But I experienced all I needed. We arrived on the Friday and the cricket match was in full swing already, sadly it's a short walk form the camp site and the main festival site, and after pitching the tent in the scorching sunshine all I fancied was a snooze and an ice cold beer! Couple with the fact we had the small puppy with us (and she was panting in the shade) we decided to miss the cricket in favour of total non exertion.

dog asleep in a tent

We did manage to hear lots of author interviews and talks though, including Celia Imre, talking about her new book, Not Quite Nice, which sounds pretty good, not my usual read, but fun. It did sound particularly funny when she read an excerpt so I'm planning on getting the audio of her reading.

festival scene

During Celia's talk DD and I sat with Fizz at the back of the tent, munching on a lovely complimentary picnic, I did my best to eat all of the strawberries and cream but in the end I was forced to share with the sound crew. Unluckily for them, I did manage to drink the gin, helped down by posh Fevertree tonic.

gin and tonic with strawberry

We managed somehow to miss Carol Ann Duffy, and the snail racing, and the silent yoga...but we did spend a lot of time talking to people who found OUR dog cute! Also eating and drinking. The food choice was much better this year than last and I especially enjoyed Higgidy Pies having a stall there. We also ate a great deal of pizza....

higgidy pie box
Shrodingers pie ... is it in the box? or have I eaten it?

pizza on a picnic mat

We did not miss the comedy each night though, this is something of a highlight for DD (especially after last year when The Noise Next Door hauled me up on stage and sang risque songs to me) and she really enjoyed the stand up humour. This year I avoided the stage, though others were not so lucky. Lots of laughter all round.

dog in a festival tent

Because we had the puppy we did not stay up late listening to bands/singers, but it was nice to sit outside in the twilight listening to them from a distance.

view from a tent

This is a small festival, but perfectly formed. The right amount of art, children's activities and music. Best of all it's in a gorgeous location, with a beautiful house as its backdrop, and no hill to tire you out. The car park is almost right next to the camping area too - so no long walk with all your gear. (Now you know the true extent of our laziness, a short walk and still too hot to bother to move!)

book about gin

cocktail book

Lots of books to buy, and fizz to drink (courtesy of British sparkling wine makers, Nyetimber,  it's a rather lovely way to spend a weekend. Next year the festival will be held on 20th - 23rd July and children are FREE!! (to take - you don't get given free children)

children playing at a festival

 Become an intellectual, take an intellectual dog...

dog in glasses

dog asleep by a champagne bottle
Nothing to see here...
Disclosure : I attended the festival for free in exchange for promotional posts and a review - this review is my own opinion.
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