Essential camping accessories for a festival

Today's top tips are around festival essentials and are from Rhian who blogs over at Rhian Westbury.

The first time I camped at a festival was Reading Festival in 2008 and since then I’ve done over 30 of them which is crazy considering I was never a fan of camping as a kid. There’s something about being relaxed and chilled with your friends knowing you’re going to be listening to a whole load of music that makes camping feel that bit more acceptable. Over the years’ I have made do with items which probably weren’t right for me, but also discovered some gems for camping at a festival so here’s some essentials you need.

A double skinned tent
This might seem like an obvious one, course you’ll need a tent when camping, but a double skinned one is what is important. UK festivals are notoriously unpredictable with their weather so you need as much protection as possible from the elements. These kinds of tents don’t have to be expensive but it’s worth while if you’re not sleeping in a pool of water.

An inflatable mattress
I managed to last until this year with just a carry mat and every year my shoulders and back would ache like anything but this year I decided to buy an inflatable mattress and it was the best thing I think I’ve ever bought. It was only about a tenner from argos but it meant that sleeping was so much more comfortable and I didn’t have the hard floor underneath me digging into my sides.

Portable phone charger
While the best option is to take a super old school phone which would hold charge for days on an end, most of us don’t want to do this and still want to be able to Instagram photos of what we’re up to so a portable phone charger is essential. Whether it’s because you’ve drained battery taking photos or phoning your friend during their favourite song you need power in case you’re split up from your party and need to see where they are.

A camping chair
For many people festivals are as much about the social side as they are the music so most people will want to go and grab some drinks and have a chill after the music has finished, There’s nothing worse than sitting on the floor when you’ve been on your feet all day and a simple camping chair can provide loads of comfort.

A headlamp
Festivals can get pretty dark at night and even if you think you know your way back to your tent from the nearest toilets things look totally different at night. A headlamp means you have your hands free (you’ll be thankful of this when you’re trying to hold it while on the loo) and it means you can see those pesky guy ropes on others tents so you don’t trip over.

If you’re planning to head to a festival next summer remember to pack for all weather conditions because you never know, and remember flip flops are never comfortable or fun to wear regardless of how hot it is. Have fun and enjoy yourselves.

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