An Exciting Festival in the Heart of the Gorgeous Ashdown Forest

I have been sent tickets to a new festival for this summer! I am really excited as it sounds fabulous and so I felt the need to share it with you in case you were free, and in possession of a tent, on first weekend in June to come along to Byline Festival 

Actually you don't even need to have a tent, as like many festivals these days there are pre-pitched tent and glamping options which mean you can rock up and have all the hard work done for you! I quite like pitching my own tent, it always feels like I deserve the beer then, but each to their own and I guess it is pretty sweet to just be able to stroll away from a festival on the last day without a backward glance, and with nothing to stuff into the car for the return journey except the faint whiff of herbal cigarettes and the memories of brief love affairs...wait..where was I?

Ah yes! A festival. This will be my first of the season and while it has music, it is not primarily a music festival, much like the literary festival I went to last year in The New Forest. Though Curious Arts is a bookish festival and this one, Byline looks more news and comedy based (and if you don't laugh at the news right now, you'd cry, so it seemed appropriate.)

Byline Festival is described as "A riot of free speech, a protest against fake news and alternative facts", and I have browsed the acts and the shows that were promised and have decided it is right up my street! Right up DD's too as you will recall that we like the comedy tents best at most of the festivals we attend.

Tickets are from £110 for the weekend, including camping, Under 4s are free and older kids are £12. Huge Discount for students too. Check out the Byline Ticket Prices here. 
60 Live Music Acts Including Dj Nihal, The Blow Monkeys, Department S, The Members, John Ellis (The Vibrators) And The Priscillas
Topical Comedy From John Cleese, Lenny Henry, Hardeep Singh Kohli And Others. Workshops. Screenings. Activism.
Speakers Include Frances Barber, Heather Brooke, Catherine Mayer, Hugh Grant, Bonnie Greer, Luke Harding, A.L Kennedy, Tom Watson, Martin Bell, June Sarpong. 
BylineFest brings together a riot of journalists, bloggers, commentators, satirists, analysts, lawyers, musicians, actors and activists to mix and chat. Here are a few.
BylineFest brings together a riot of journalists, bloggers, commentators, satirists, analysts, lawyers, musicians, actors, activists, and you.

I'm really looking forward to the 2nd June, grabbing the tent and heading down to Pippingford Park for a weekend of thoughtful but funny festival fun. There will also be wine. I'll let you know afterwards what it was like - do drop a note into the comments if you are planning to attend.

Disclosure : I am on the festival guest list so that I can review the festival - stay tuned!
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