How a new camping table has changed my (camping) life

I was sent a table by Millets recently. They asked me to share with you what I thought of it and to see if it could make camping a real home from home.

Now as you will know if you are a regular reader, I am a 'bare minimum' sort of camper. No electric, not fussed about flushing toilets and shower blocks, happiest in a wood or a field just me, my tent, some beer and a book (and DD of course, my regular camping companion) so how would a table work for me?

Well I picked the rather super looking table with storage under it, and to say it changed our camping lives is not an understatement. One of the reasons Mr Tentsniffer doesn't camp with us (along side having a bad back, and preferring an evening in front of the TV to one trekking across a field to the loo,) is that he hates mess and when DD and I camp, we are messy.

I'm messy anyway, chucking things down and leaving them where they land, and in the tent that soon becomes a royal pain in the bum!
"where is the hairbrush?"
"have you seen the matches?"
"wasn't the kettle here somewhere?"
"are there any apples left?" cue staring at vast pile of 'stuff'...

So could a table save us? Amazingly yes it could! The camping table is 7kg in weight and has a handy carry handle for transporting it when it's folded up - and it folds up so neatly! It opens up into a spacious table and the legs extend to give it height. Underneath are two large storage 'cupboards' with solid flat bases, perfect as a larder for our new 'kitchen diner'. At either end of the table are pockets for anything you fancy, cutlery, magazines, hairbrushes, matches...'stuff'...

The table fitted perfectly in our Cabanon Pyramide IV tent and the best bit was that our storage boxes slid in beautifully underneath it. Sadly these boxes are old and cracked, but I searched around and found some 50L boxes on Amazon that are just the right size to slip under the table, so we have all our regular bits and bobs safely under the table, extra cupboards and a table top too! We managed to keep everything so neat and tidy on our jaunt to the Byline festival that I think even Mr Tentsniffer would have been proud. Just take a look.

Disclosure I was sent this table (and a fabulous box of goodies - see the unboxing video here) by Millets to review but all the thoughts about the table are my own!
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  1. I LOVE the storage space! We're a family of five and have a huge tent but I'm conscious of how we will keep everything organised - this is genius and definitely going on my wish list.

    1. it really is excellent - can't fault it really - though it's a bit heavy if you needed to carry it far, I'm glad I have the trolley for festivals

  2. Looks fab my husband is trying to convince me to go camping this summer we are looking at local sites at the minute x

    1. there are so many bits of kit you can get now for camping - it doesn't have to be basic (I just like it that way) so let him persuade you and then show him your camping shopping list!

  3. Wow I love the look of this table! Very useful! Xx

  4. I'm loving the storage space under the table, that is really genius and you need all the storage you can when camping. Mich x

  5. This is one of those bits of kit that tempt me when walking rounds camping shops ... and those stacking saucepans look nifty too :) Then I remember we barely take ANYTHING with us, don't have a stove to cook on, or plates/bowls to eat from,and rely on on-site food! Having thought long and hard, we've invested in a water carrier but we're still debating about getting a chair :)


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