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Having come back from one festival I'm feeling like I'm back in the swing of things and so I'm planning what food and drink to take to my next festival, which is Camp Bestival at the end of July.

We will eat out a lot I'm sure as there are loads of food stalls to choose from and I cannot be bothered to trek back to the tent most lunch times, nor cart around warm bananas and beer. But breakfast is a lazy time and wandering to the food stall and then queueing for ages while looking rubbish is not my idea of fun, so I shall be planning 4 breakfasts and probably 4 dinners, with a few additional snacks. I always over pack for food and I'm trying really hard not to this year. There are only 2 of us yet I seem to pack enough for 5 people for 10 meals and then I bring it all home again!

Luckily while buying some beer to take to Byline Festival I spotted a packet of potato and bacon brunch in Sainsbury's that is for 2 people and designed to be fried (no oil etc required). It's in a pouch not a tin and while it looked vile when first put in the frying pan it later amazed us by cooking to look exactly like the photo on the box AND more importantly, tasted delicious. So we have planned fried potato for breakfast every morning, I may also take eggs.

Also on my list of morning essentials is coffee. Not any of that instant  rubbish either, I may be unwashed and in a field, with a hangover and wearing a tutu but that is no reason to behave like an animal. So I will be brewing a fresh coffee for myself each morning (and also in the process saving £££s on festival coffee purchases) using the simple convenience of the Lyon's Coffee bag! Yes ladies and gentlecampers, no reason to lug your espresso machine up the hill or risk the mess of a (plastic) cafetiere, no! A simple coffee bag is your friend, at only £2.60 for 18 bags that's less that 15p a cup! and you can avoid the queue. Perfect. Available in three different strengths, plus a decaf option, there’s a coffee to suit everyone: No.4 Dark and Intense, No.3 Rich and Full Bodied, and No.2 Light and Smooth. (I'm rich and full bodied ...but enough about me...) 

For dinner we will be having Meatballs and rice ( for DD - she dislikes spicy food) and chilli and rice (for me - I love spicy food) at least once. Using pouches we found at Poundland (they are also available at other supermarkets, but then they are £1.69) The brand is 'Look What We Found' and they are really tasty. We use pouches of part cooked rice for speed and to save on gas. Good old Uncle Ben. 

I am also going to take some buns and some hot dogs (remind me not to forget mustard and ketchup or I'll be in trouble) another food that can be bought in a can or a pouch and will keep cool enough in a cool box for a couple of days (canned will keep at any temperature), easy to heat up, easy to eat.

Photo Credit : Nigel Smith (Twitter)
 Another good meal is a stir fry, whether with veg you brought along (carrots, cucumber, green beans, mange tout, baby sweetcorn etc all keep fairly well if kept cool for a few days) or a can of mixed stir fry, tuna fish, some sauce and some noodles.

And one must not forget the humble baked bean! Perfect simple camping food, great on toast, with sausages, or on its own. Chance to use my favourite cooking gadget the camp toaster! A simple design and far superior to others I've tried (especially the, frankly useless, 4 slice pyramid toaster) This little gem cooks toast faster that you can say, 'is it browned yet?', never take your eye off of the toast! and take care when turning not to burn your fingers!

Extra food options include the simple Pot Noodle, Cup soups (or cans of real soup) and tins of spam etc....

and for incidental snacks (and to throw at your offspring who have woken at silly o'clock demanding breakfast while you are still all sleepy and cosy) some breakfast bars, and some juice cartons too.

For booze, remember to check the festival booze limits, and decant any glass bottles into plastic ones. G&T in tins, is a popular choice, as are cans of lager and wine boxes.

Let me know what festival food you'll be taking.

Disclosure : I was send some Lyons Coffee bags to try. They are excellent ;-)
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  1. We take some sausages and a pasta sauce for thursday. Cereal for breakfasts and brioche for our son. Then lunches pasta pots that just need water and we buy dinner.


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