Eating Vegan at Camp Bestival

Not to be confused with eating an actual vegan...

My lovely teen has recently embraced the vegan lifestyle and so while I am still looking forward to pulled pork, brisket baps and a bacon buttie or three at Camp Bestival, the teen will be in search of less murderous fayre.

And no creamy mash or cheesy chips of course. So what can she expect and more importantly will she have enough choice?

Well, yes. Because of course Camp Bestival is not only about music, fun, kids, and fancy dress, no! It is also about food! (and cocktails but shh, right now food is our theme)

In 2018 at the Camp Bestival Feast Collective there will be a whole vegan (and vegetarian) section, with YOUNG VEGANSBIFF’S JACK SHACK , ARANCINI BROS , HAPPY MAKI , and MILGI

Now if, like me you clicked through on any of those links you may well be drooling, because they all sound amazing. I don't think lack of choice will be an issue, I think being able to try everything might be!

Young Vegans focus on a truly British staple, pie and mash, but they make it vegan! Yum.

Biff's Jack Shack does filthy things with jack fruit... "We’ve turned that weird spiky tropical fruit into burgers and wings that have launched a thousand oh-my-god-I-can’t-believe-that’s-vegan moments."

Arancini Bros make vegetarian risotto balls "Big grains of rice are mixed through slow cooked onion, garlic and herbs, vegetable stock is added to make a firm, delicious risotto. Then we mix through flavours like cheddar, mozzarella, parsley and lemons. This is hand rolled into little balls, coated in rice flour then fried and enjoyed." And while The Vegan One won't be able to try any with cheese, I will and they sound like perfect festival food!

Happy Maki who hail from Brighton, make vegan sushi burritos! "Taste sensation sushi street food with a difference. "Su-shi" means seasoned rice and we combine this with fusion fillings alongside your more tradidional flavours of ginger, wasabi and seaweed. Once rolled up our Maki are like giant sushi burritos, they're filling, healthy and perfect for on the go eating."and I'm pretty sure that my daughter will love those, she's a huge fan of seaweed (oddly)

Milgi, a Cardiff based vegetarian and vegan restaurant have a mouthwatering selection of meals too. I'm hungry just typing all of this!

So when we get to Camp Bestival I think what to eat will not be a problem, and I have no doubt we'll find other vegan options as we meander. Festivals really do seem to be one of the best places to eat food on the go, as a vegan.

The full line up for the Camp Bestival Feast Collective is stunningly impressive, in previous years I have tried incredible curries, tempura, and Jamaican recipes, I can't wait to try some more delicious food this year.
It's not all us the meat!

Grab Tickets to Camp Bestival here - From £197.50 for an adult weekend ticket, watch Rick Astley and nibble on a risotto ball in the sunshine!

Full Line up 

Disclaimer - I will be attending Camp Bestival this year as an official Crew Member! (My ticket is provided free of charge)  So watch out for live tweeting from the event and a review afterwards.

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