Eating Vegan (and not eating vegan) at a Festival

I've been to a few festivals over the summer, Cornbury, Camp Bestival and Boomtown Fair and have tried the delicious food on offer at each one. This year for an added bit of excitement DD has become vegan so the extra challenge to feed her has been fun. No longer can I just grab a burger or a pie and what have I been eating and how have the festivals fared?

At Cornbury, which is a smallish festival, there was a fairly good selection. We had to option of vegan curries, vegan pizzas, paellas, and other snacks, including falafels (the vegan staple!) and spicy vegan burgers, this last item being DDs favourite and she returned a few times for the same thing! Goodness Gracious Healthy Foods was at all the festivals we went to and scored a firm 5 stars as they even had vegan cake options!

At Cornbury we discovered some dairy free ice cream at the Shepherds ice cream stall.

Obviously we didn't only eat vegan..well I didn't - and there was plenty of delicious food for me to try too, I even chomped my way through half a roast chicken and potatoes on the Sunday.

At Camp Bestival, along with the usual selection of Goodness Gracious Healthy Food, wood fired pizza and Paella, we also had some amazing burgers at Biff's Jack Shack and were spoiled in the Feast Collective with some incredible vegan choices.

We discovered that Jimmy's Iced Coffee make a dairy free iced coffee too!

Once again, I was not deprived of meat... 

At Boomtown we travelled light and so took no food at all, relying instead on the trusty Goodness Gracious Healthy Food and the rest of the vegan gang. DD had paella for breakfast one morning...and why not - it's a festival after all. She also had a pizza (vegan cheese) and lots of chips and the occasional vegan burger. She had a spicy vegan Mexican wrap which was so spicy it nearly finished her off, I'm sad I missed the photo opportunity of her panting and begging for water. 

Up at the kids field we discovered that the pancake makers had a vegan option, reader you have never seen a happier teen! Time was too short to try all of the vegan options at Boomtown and we left with a tasty looking coconut curry and some fried plantain left untasted. Ah well, there's always next year.

If you have dietary restrictions for any reason, it seems that festivals really are catering well for everyone. Staff everywhere were really helpful and knowledgeable too,

although, when I bought this jumbo (meat) hotdog I was told it was 9 only looked like 6 inches to me! Maybe it depends which angle you see it from ;-)

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