Looking forward to Camp Bestival 2019


Regular readers will know that I'm a regular at Camp Bestival, the fun, family, festival held in Dorset each year.

Last year the fun was slightly dampened by such dreadful storms on the last day that the festival had to be closed early. But better safe than sorry! 

Seeing Mary Berry on the TV the other week brought back all the memories of the sunny days before the last day! And totally made me crave cider and feasting in the sunshine while watching other people doing energetic stuff! (there was a high wire trapeze and people could have a go! madness, and yet it was booked out early everyday!)

One of my daughter's favourite bit's of any festival is the comedy. So I was pleased to read about Camp Bestival's comedy line up. 
"We're excited to reveal the 2019 belly-busting comedy headliners heading to Camp Bestival’s Big Top at Lulworth Castle, July 25th - 28th. Leading the laughs will be award-winning comedian and actor Omid Djalili who joins the inter-stellar festival bill taking over this summer, as well as funny-man Boothby Graffoe and comedy compere Andre Vincent, ensuring the best of British stand-up for all the family throughout the weekend."
Andre Vincent is just hilarious (based on previous years) and I cannot wait to see Omid Djalili live. It seems Boothby Graffoe  is particularly known for his surreal sense of humour and work with Canadian band Barenaked Ladies, so he should be fun too!

Some of my daughter's best memories of Camp Bestival have been the bizarre comedy moments, such as hearing some pretty raunchy 'adult' jokes., and seeing a comedian stop his act to dance with a  small boy in a sleeping bag (the child was in the bag, not the comedian).

This year there is even a special 'Parenting Program' for ...well, for the parents!
“Josie and I are so blimmin' excited about launching the Parenting Programme at Camp Bestival. Nearly everyone who comes to Camp, who isn’t a child, is a parent so there’s a lot of us and a lot to learn! But this isn’t some fuddy-duddy university of boring! These are the hottest potatoes in the parenting oven - funny, irreverent, stylish and occasionally musical. From Mother of Daughters vs. Father of Daughters DJ Set, to Clemmie Telford’s Lists Live and the amazing Pizzup we wanted to recruit the damn finest from the Instagram parenting community to help bring their stories and experiences to the festival. See you there parenting types!" Rob Da Bank

So if you like camping, love music and a bit of a giggle. Grab a ticket! And we'll see you there.

and until 22nd April 2019 get a taste of the fun with Camp Bestival at Margate Dreamland!

My daughter and I hope to be attending the festival again this year as guests in exchange for telling you what we get up to! Any questions? Just ask!
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