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I recently wrote about my number one camping essential over on The Mediocre Dad, and that made me think. If I had some spare money and wanted to treat myself, what would I add to my camping arsenal? Which extra bits and pieces would I buy? So I had a little hunt about the internet, and asked a few companies what they thought I really 'needed' to add to my kit. Here are some of the things I found, and some things I was sent to test out!
First up, a bit of comfort. I usually either have no pillow, or an inflatable one. Inflatable pillows are small and light and can be easily packed, but they are not always the most comfortable. I'm getting on a bit so was very happy to try out a new camping pillow. The Hippy Chick memory foam pillow packs easily into its own travel bag (it really does roll up small and go back into the bag easily!), is covered in soft Tencel, and is gorgeously supportive. The Hippychick Waterproof Memory Foam Travel Pillow is the perfect pillow for campers. Measuring 44cm x 25cm when out of the case and 30.5cm x 19cm when packed away, it fits easily into a rucksack or camping kit. The Tencel pillow cover is a naturally hygienic fibre made from 100% biodegradable wood pulp cellulose which acts as an excellent anti-allergy barrier and is 100% waterproof (safe from your drool and and late night beer spills). The memory foam filling is extremely ergonomic and adapts to the contours of your neck, head and back allowing you to sit or lie in complete comfort. When you're ready to put the pillow away, simply roll it up and tuck away in the handy travel bag. It will always bounce back to its original shape when taken back out. Buy your own Hippy Chick Pillow and find out more at:

Next I wondered about things that I had needed in the past but had foolishly not packed. Travelling light last year to Boomtown, disaster struck when a drunk guy fell onto our tent in the night in a rainstorm and ripped the nylon. We managed to fashion some repairs the next morning using black bin liners but I think a decent tent repair kit would have been far superior. And I feel even sillier when I realised the pack from Storm is smaller and lighter that a black bin bag! Small enough to fit into a pocket but strong enough to repair my tent in an emergency sounds like the perfect thing to pack next time. Storm’s Tear-Aid Patch Pack is ideal for both on-site immediate repairs and for more permanent repairs when you get home. The Tear-Aid Patch Pack makes clear and flexible air tight and water tight repairs easy. All you need to do it clean and dry the area, cut patch, peel and stick! As well as tents, the patch is suitable for clothing, inner tubes, wellies, kites, outdoor gear and more. For more information about the STORM range visit:

I was also sent a wee pot of Sudocrem. Something I haven't really used since my daughter was a baby 18 years ago. I was intrigued by the idea of its extra uses (above and beyond nappy rash prevention). Now available in a tiny flat pot (22g) small enough to fit into pocket or handbag, and marketed as My Little Sudocrem, its a versatile skin care cream that helps to soothe dry skin & calm redness.  Its clinically-proven formulation soothes & protects delicate skin, forming a barrier which protects against irritants, allowing the skin to maintain its natural and healthy condition. It is perfect for campers and festival goers and can be used by all ages, great to apply to grazes, burns, bites and stings (perfect for clumsy campers and tipsy festival goers who can't see a guy rope in the night). I do like Sudocrem but it's packed in plastic, and since I have taken a vow to not buy toiletries in plastic any more, it won't be on my shopping list until maybe they manage a formulation that can be stored in a tin. Find out more and check the ingredients at:

One thing that is a real must now at festivals is a water bottle. Gone are the days we can just buy plastic bottles and bin them, the eco aware traveller now knows that to be sustainable we need to be reusing things much more. I have a lovely metal water bottle that keeps water cold all day even in the heat of a festival. For those that don't want to carry a bottle all day you can look for a cute bottle carrier like this jute one or a recycled plastic one like the ones from Care4Basket. Many festivals this year are going plastic-free so now is a good time to think about which sort of bottle is best for you, I like the metal as it stays cold, is very robust and looks good too.

Talking of festivals, you know that sluggish "what was I drinking last night?" feeling you get as you wake in a hot tent warmed by the suns early rays (or a cold one with the pitter patter of rain drops) and you are thinking that getting a coffee is the only answer and yet, the coffee stand is so far away. Well it seems that Zingershots might just have got your back on this one. With their intense and refreshing taste Zinger shots are a great, healthy way to start your day. (They really do wake you up!) Zingershots are a perfect caffeine alternative! Packed full of natural ingredients and free from preservatives or artificial colours Zinger shots come in four lively flavours that will give your day a ZING whichever one you choose!

The ginger shot is made simply with real pressed ginger, organic apple juice and water. Beautifully spicy ginger fused with organic apple, our original ginger shot makes a delicious wake up drink for early starts or mid-afternoon pick-me-ups. The turmeric shot is made from pressed turmeric. Packed with an abundance of health benefits, turmeric (which was first used a dye) has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years.  The Turmeric Zinger is the perfect way to build curcumin into your diet, without staining your hands (and your clothes) yellow! Zinger add a little black pepper to the recipe (to aid absorption of curcumin), with a dash of lemon and chilli flavouring to give the unique golden drink a little extra zing. If ever you needed a wake up drink, this little lime bomb might just be the answer. This isn't just lime juice – it's lime juice and chilli. It's a wake up drink with a difference! Sharp lime at the front, hot chilli flavouring at the back. The only downside is that once again it's a product in plastic. But maybe you could reuse the bottles for sneaky shots of something else later... Find out more about Zingershots and where you can buy them at:

 I was sent some items free of charge and this post also contains Amazon affiliate links.

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