It's been a while

No blog posts for 2 years. 

COVID hit me hard, a lack of festivals which had always been my happy place, my reset button for real life when I needed them the most was really difficult to cope with. I did manage a small bit of camping, but of course I was in the same lethargic funk that the rest of the world was in, caught up in lockdowns that should have made us productive (and given us time to blog!) but in reality just cast us into a no mans land of 'what next' just treading water waiting... 

Initially I was hopeful the lockdowns would work in a few weeks, (how naïve!)

I even had a mini festival in the back garden, camping out with my daughter, holding our own silent disco and watching movies late on the iPad. We had bunting and cider and music but of course it wasn't the same.

The last festival I'd been to was in 2019. The mini garden festival was in April 2020

colourful tents in a garden with bunting

And there were camping trips I did manage to make! First I managed a trip away in a brief gap between lockdowns, with Covid tests completed, to meet up with my brother. We used Pitch Up to find a small pop up site with minimal extras, just a compost toilet and some cold water. And it was bliss. The site we picked was tiny and quiet and just right for sitting by a fire at night and drinking beers. We even had a play with lighting a fire from a tinder kit rather than matches. Oh and how could I forget - we also adopted a ridiculously handsome dog (who has horrendous issues with other dogs) during this time, so I introduced him to camping too.

COVID test showing negative result green field with blue sky

two dogs asleep, a hedge, a camp stove. a campfire

I also popped to the Camping and Caravan Club site at Salisbury to meet up with my parents in June of this year. The weather wasn't great but it was lovely to see them. And they have a caravan with EHU (electric hook up) so that was a treat!

tent with ominous dark clouds view from a tent doorway, a couple of vans, a hedge. blue sky

The my brother and I use Pitch Up again to find a delightful site (water and long drop loos again!) in Dorset. It was extremely hot.

tent in a very dry field, the grass is yellow like straw view from the tents, the straw like grass and the very blue sky, no clouds

So I did manage some camping. Though I needed a real festival fix. Boomtown was cancelled in 2020, a mini festival they planned in 2021 was cancelled and then the main 2021 festival was cancelled again, each time I rolled my tickets over and finally, this year 2022, the festival went ahead. 

More in another post. Maybe I've got my blogging mojo back.

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