My Tents

My tent(s).

I have liked camping since I was small but didn't camp for years. in  2008 the whim struck and as my daughter was (then) about 8 I thought it a good time to start again. Hubby, not so keen, decided to let it be a 'girl's hobby' and stay well clear!
I obtained a tent via the generosity of my local Freecycle Group and we were off!!
nylon dome tent in woods
Nigel Nylon

But as any camper knows, camp equipment just 'needs' to be bought....
gradually we added, beds, sleeping bags (first time out we had bed rolls and a duvet!) a small cooker, a table, some chairs, pots and pans, a Swiss army pen knife, etc etc

But lovely as the tent (named Nigel Nylon, above)) was, it wasn't perfect, and I kept seeing other cooler tents when we camped, I had tent envy!!! (dun dun Duu-uu-uu-n!!!)
So I investigated the tent I loved, it was (it transpired) a Dutch Pyramid Style, in canvas, specifically the Cabanon Guadeloupe. Sadly this costs over £500 new, so I resigned myself to envy and then..............Ebay!

I managed to get a bargain! And I now own a Cabanon Guadeloupe (well he's technically a Pyramide IV but looks like pretty much the same tent without the sun canopy, and with a different inner) which we named Wilfrid.
Below is (for the geeks and new guadeloupe/pyramide owners) a step by step photo guide to Wilfrid's erection (snigger).

First 'the body  tent in the bag'

Which needs unpacking

Then the outer needs to be laid flat into a rough square and the corners pegged down.

Crawling inside the tent with the centre pole and pulling it into position gives an instant 'morning glory' effect!

Adding the two front poles and the pole that supports above the door and the tent is almost done! Just a few guy lines to peg down and tighten.

 The inner (sleeping areas with sewn in ground sheet) is easy to put in, it just needs to be spread out....

and then suspended from the centre pole and hooked to the edge hooks around the inside of the tent.

And you are pretty much done! (20 minutes on a calm sunny day - longer in the rain I should imagine!)

Just add a couple of seats and some beer, jobs a good'n
(can't see the beer? In the hands of the camera woman probably!)

I accidentally bought another tent on ebay, we painted it, and Barry, (a Bari3) came to many festivals with us before he was sold on. He was last seen heading to Glastonbury and I have no idea if he survived. 

painted canvas tent Bari3 festival flags

Recently we added Lord Lichfield to the lineup, he is a Lichfield and sleeps 2, and has a lovely awning extension.

Lord Lichfield

We also gave Wilfrid a paint job.


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