Camping list

My (never complete) list of camping essentials:
Tent ( I have three so choice can be tricky, maybe have a designated 'festival tent' and a larger holiday tent.)
Beds - we take inflatables as they are comfiest - but after some puncture issues we take camp mats too as backup!
Spare covers/duvets/throws/ blankets - a random assortment for cold evenings/nights (a duvet UNDER your sleeping bag is advised as a lot of the cold is from the ground not the air, even when you have a camp bed or mattress!)
A Waterproof rug for lounging on
Folding Table
Penknife - with can and bottle openers!
Torches and solar lights
Cooking equipment (I favour a  STORM KETTLE, where they are allowed - check site rules re fires)
  • Tin opener and Bottle opener!!
  • Melamine plates, cups, bowls etc
  • Knives, forks, spoons, spatula, wooden spoon, Penknife (makes you feel all 'mountain man' as you slice the cheese)
  • frying pan, saucepan
  • stove - with spare gas cans
  • food - all sorts of lovely things from pot noodles to fresh eggs and bacon....stir fry noodles etc Canned stuff is great as no fridge needed and heats fast, canned hot dogs, chilli, macaroni cheese etc. Beer, wine, Tins of ready mixed Pims or G&T (perfect for 'no glass' sites and festivals) cartons of juice for the kid(s) cold snacks, biscuits, fruit
  • Kettle (if you don't take the storm kettle) - mine whistles!
  • Camp toaster - love love love this!
  • Water container 
camping equipment stacked in a car
Small flexi trug/tub- great for washing or washing up - easy to carry (they have handles) also cloths, pegs, washing up liquid.   
Wet Wipes
Hand sanitiser gel  or Natrasan
Suntan Cream/Lotion (optimistic)
Toilet roll
Clothes including coats and shoes! Wellies and/or Crocs for wet days.More jumpers than you think you will need, and woolly hats - don't be afraid to wear a hat at night if it's chilly)
Toys, frisbee, ball, books to read, wordsearches, (quiz books and joke books are good for kids on wet days and fun for beer swilling adults of an evening) DS (not often!) MP3 player, phone(and spare power pack)
Solar powered fairy lights, get some fabulous bargains on ebay  
Bunting, make your own or buy some - there is bunting for every taste - even pirate bunting for the boys (and the less girly girls)
tent in a festival field with bunting
Flag pole and fabulous flag/windsock. Essential for a festival - fun for a campsite, handy landmark for the kids. I use SkyBlue Leisure but also try Ebay for bargains.
Towels, washing bits and bobs, hairbrush, soap, toothbrush, shampoo (we take Lush solid shampoo - so no spills!)  
Bin bag roll, great for rubbish (obviously) but also good for wet clothes/shoes or for sitting on, or for keeping things dry if the tent drips!  We also take a Ploo (or ShitBox) as an optional extra (now discontinued, try a bucket and cat litter!) and have invested in SheeWees and bags for next festival. We have not used either - they are 'just in case of emergency' ;-)
festival trolley laden with stuff

I pack most of the small 'kitchen' bits, and torches etc into two lidded plastic storage boxes so I'm always packed and ready to go - it's a great way not to lose or forget things too!
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