Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud

Mud. It's a thing that most 'non festival goers' think of when they think of festivals, especially Glastonbury. The images are an indelible memory for many people and it's a reason that many people never go to a festival.

The first festival I ever attended was Eastern Haze, in 2008 when DD was 8 years old. It rained. A lot. And the fields became muddy as did the car park. The lorries couldn't get in to clean the toilets...after 3 days that was ...interesting to say the least! All that lentil curry ...

Any way we learned very quickly that there are several options to dealing with mud.

There are of course Wellies!

My Daughter the hippy
And since 2008 festival wellies have become a thing, there are loads of funky styles to choose from - I wore a rather snazzy pair at Glastonbury last year.

Trendy Glasto Wellies
 So Option 1 is the wellie.

But sometimes the mud is too extreme, or maybe it's not quite that bad and it's warm in which case you can use Option 2 Feet.

 Feet have the benefit of being easily washable, they are of course a bit tender but as most festivals don't allow glass on site this shouldn't be too terrifying. DD certainly favoured that option at Eastern Haze.

Hippy Feet
 Then there is Option 3, the 'sod it I'll just wear what I normally wear' option, sandals, crocs, tennis shoes, I've seen them all (in various states of destruction) at festivals.

Other than walking in the mud there is sitting to think about. Chair? Trolley? Blanket? Shmangle (love these!) And of course keeping precious stuff clean and dry. Plastic bags are ideal, the seal-able sort or there are festival shops that have special water proof bags for money, phones etc. Might be worth a look! I take one with me. Just in case. Keeping clothes in a black bin liner is a good idea too, in case the tent leaks or you fall, covered in mud, into the tent late at night an befoul tomorrow's T-shirt! Shove your filthy muddy stuff in a bin liner too (not the same one, idiot!)

The real answer to the mud though is .. it's a festival. It will all wash off when you get home. Chill, enjoy the festival...worry about the mud when you get back to the car park home.

Our car after Eastern Haze....
Will you be braving the mud this summer? I hear that despite the 'wetter than ever before winter', we may have a relatively mud free festival season! Fingers crossed!
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  1. Ive not done a festival but been camping at the motor racing where cars have got bogged down. Trying to put up or take down a tent in the rain is not fun at all.


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