Surplus Supper Club, Taste not Waste

Last year DD and I had a roast dinner in a tent in a field, with complete strangers, and wine and it was great fun!

The Surplus Supper Club is running again at Camp Bestival this year, bringing to festival goers notice the huge waste of food that takes place all the time!

By buying a dinner in a field, I not only got a face full of yummy food, I raised the profile of Food Share South West and helped a charity.

I'm hoping that the Camp Bestival Bloggers will all join me this year - we just need to organise a date that suits us all and then it's dinner jackets, ball gowns and tiaras at the ready for a feast!

plate of food roast dinner cabbage gravy

" The Surplus Supper Club

The Surplus Supper Club restaurant, masterminded by our twin geniuses, Clare Winterbottom and Danny Hill, has been grabbing attention and arousing appetites up and down the country. Clare and Danny have been using a combination of FareShare’s surplus food and goods purchased from local suppliers to make three course fine dining meals for festival goers. The restaurant raised over £27,000, received great reviews in the press and attracted celebrities including Howard Marks and former Eastenders actress, Charlie Brooks.
Both the Festival Food Recycling service and The Surplus Supper Club are projects we’re looking to expand next year. On top of revisiting those festivals we went to this year, we’ve set our sights on the surplus food goldmine that is Glastonbury. We’ll be working with festival organisers over the coming months and making plans to ensure that festival food waste continues to decrease."

blackboard tent field food waste

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