Festivals and dressing up a bit

Yesterday I reminded you to bring a few toys for the kids, the sort they would see and desire and whine for. Today I'm going to tell you that even if they say now that they don't want to dress up - they will when they see how popular it is! And specifically there are tails (TellTails make especially lovely ones). Lots of people old and young wear tails and if you buy them at the festival, while I cannot fault their quality, they are £20 a pop! so a family of five has spent £100 just like that! On Tails! The other issue is that they sell out, there are only so many tails to go round! So think about buying a tail or two (or even making one!) before you go. (If you can afford it though the TellTails are fab, why not buy before you go to ensure they are not sold out of your fave) One year DD was a mouse and we made her tail, this year she has a tail prepared, one year we splashed out on a fine monkey tail from TellTails.

The other thing that causes wailing and queueing is face painting. It's great fun but save yourself time and money buy taking a pack of your own face paints, you can even let the kids paint each others faces! (Or yours!)

Last suggestion is flower garlands, we do buy and make them sometimes at festivals but they are very popular and worth taking a few with you.

Looking good!

My Monkey, complete with tail

This post is not sponsored, all tails are my own :-)
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