Festival Toys

I'm still counting down the days until Camp Bestival, my first festival of the season, and today I'm thinking about entertaining the children, and saving money! What's not to love!

Festivals are filled with things to do and Camp Bestival is no exception. But some of the things will involve you spending money unless you plan in advance. So here is a heads up....kids at festivals will play with bubbles. I'm not a fan as bubbles bursting on tent canvas can affect its waterproofing, but like it or not, bubbles are a thing.

So buy some before you go! A pot of bubbles will not be 99p at a festival. A bubble sword will not be £1.99, and a bubble gun will not be £2.99 but if you do not have them your kids will suddenly need them, and you will have to a) part with upwards of £10 per child or b) suffer whinging and crying and either way you will feel like a bad parent.

Ditto some fun circus themed things - especially this year when Camp Bestival has a circus theme! Pack a light ball or two, a Frisbee, maybe a hoop, juggling balls or poi. You won't regret it.

Have fun!

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