Festival Booze

Most people at festivals imbibe a little. They have a little tipple of an afternoon, just to relax you understand..

OK OK lots of people get rat-arsed at festivals. BUT the sensible folk drink sensibly (no really) tiddly is fun, vomiting and headachey is not. Trust me. I know.

Camp Bestival even kindly remind you that being pissed as a fart and in charge of children is an offence and they will be forced to take action. So be warned! Take care, have a responsible adult around...that may be you.

I take some booze to a festival and I buy some there. It's nice to have ice (ooh poet and don't know it) so I might have a Pims at the bar or a cocktail in the cocktail tent. Or a chilled beer..

But it can be expensive to buy all your booze there, and late at night sitting in the tent listening to toddler arguing snoring sweetly, you may fancy a glass of something stronger than cocoa. So I take a few tins of ready mixed Pims, G&T, and maybe bourbon and coke - check your supermarket for ideas! You can get cans of beer (obviously) and cans of wine too! Also single serving wine pouches and wine bags/boxes.

And this is important because festivals don't allow glass on site - of course not, all those little pink festival feet running free on the grass! Glass is bad! Decant everything into plastic bottles if you can't but cans and bags. (I also take a plastic wine glass for my refills, so much more refined than a plastic tumbler)

Don't forget to take some soft drinks too for the children (and as mixers!) and maybe a hip flask.

Most festivals don't let you take booze into the main festival area, many is the morning I've had to chug a can of beer at the gate *sigh*

You can of course hide some booze about your person or even around your children like a modern smuggler but I wouldn't advocate that...at all

Have a fab festival!
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