A newbie to Camp Bestival speaks!

So having already heard from a festival virgin (Mamafurfur here) I thought we'd see what a festival goer was expecting from their first time at Camp Bestival. I have the pleasure to introduce you to @MyGorgeousBoys

Tell  me a bit about yourself...

My name is Louise and I am mum to boys aged 7 and 5. I have recently returned to education and am training as a primary school teacher. Before children I worked in IT but didn't go back to it after as wanted to make the most of them when they were little. I discovered the wonderful world of blogging when my 2nd son was around a year old and love it so much!
Do you think of yourself as a country or a city sort?

I love the city but since having children I have become more of a country sort - my kids love the great outdoors and anything that makes them happy is good. 

Have you been camping before? If so where and what did you like/dislike about it?

When I was little we did lots of family camping, always in the UK and I loved it. I liked best the idea of creating a little home from home in a field I think! 

As for camping with my little family we bought out tent when our 2nd son was a baby and have camped in the UK several times a year for the last five years. I like the fact camping offers us a fairly cheap short break whenever and wherever we want (weather dependent of course!). We camp with friends, family and on our own and camping has offered us the chance to explore a bit more of the countryside and extend a day out into a bit more. 

I don't dislike anything about it really but it is hard work getting everything organised before going but always worth it.
What was the best Music gig you've been to? 

The first one that springs to mind is Billy Idol at Rock City in Nottingham around eight + years ago purely for phrroar factor! I was a HUGE Billy fan as a teenager and he was amazing live in such a fantastic venue. I have seen lots and lots of brilliant gigs though - The Pixies, Elbow, Primal Scream and The Killers all spring to mind.
What made you consider a festival this year?

Now the boys are getting older I would like them to appreciate live music and festivals are a great opportunity. Camp Bestival is a family orientated festival so you feel reassured it will be a safe environment for everyone to have fun, learn new skills and relax together.
Will you be going to the festival alone? With family? With friends?

With hubbie and children. Hope to meet up with, and make some new, friends. 
What sort of tent/camper/yurt option have you gone for?
We have our 5 year old tent (pictured). We are looking to upgrade and get a new one but haven't found anything quite what we want yet!

What are your packing essentials?

Apart from clothes and bedding we always take things for kids to play with like a football or bubbles, tea bags, baby wipes, cereal and snacks. We don't want to take too much as I don't think we will spent that much time in the tent really.
Have you been to a festival before?

Yes I have been to Reading and Leeds festivals as a teenager and as a family we went to Jimmy's Harvest two years ago. I blogged about it here. http://mygorgeousboys.com/harvestatjimmys/
Why did you choose Camp Bestival this year?  Did you consider other festivals? Are you going to any others?

We chose Camp Bestival because of all the fun things that are going on for kids and for adults. The location sounds amazing and we are tagging on an extended stay in the area afterwards.

Did you read blogs/media about festivals before you decided?

Yes absolutely - I have been reading lots of blog posts about the festival and getting very excited. 

What are you looking forward to? What are the positive things about Camp Bestival you hope to enjoy?

We have booked onto the National Trust stargazing night which sounds brilliant (though I am not sure i will manage the whole night!). I am looking forward to chilling out, watching the kids have fun and seeing all the live acts.

What are you dreading? Are there any things you worry about at Camp Bestival?

I can't think of anything although the bit where you have to drag tent, sleeping bits etc from car to campsite is never pleasant!

 Will you be blogging about your experiences?

Yes absolutely!

I'll look forward to catching up with Louise afterwards to see what she thought, and maybe meeting for a Pimm's at the festival!

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