Festival Tales from the Teen

DD is 15 and she went to her first festival alone (with mates rather than me)  at the weekend. The Wildlife  festival didn't include camping, though it was two days, and I talked about the first day here.

The second day included many more texts, I'm not sure why, maybe she was more relaxed about having her phone out, maybe she spent more time waiting between bands she liked, but what ever the reason I'm not sure it was an improvement on not knowing what was going on! In my head I could picture her in her festival gear, tight and tiny shorts, crop top, waist length dark hair brushed straight and shiny, trendy wellies and sunglasses, looking much older than 15!

Here is a selection of texts from a teen at a festival

They have sniffer dogs, they are so cute and one keeps leaping up at these guys and then sitting and staring at them, ha ha
OMG we are right at the front by the barrier! It's so cool! I can see George Ezra
There are some drunk guys chatting us up! They are hilarious, they are about 30, we keep telling them we are 15 but they are just laughing LOL
OMG a woman just took a piss right next to us! she just said 'do you mind' then pulled down her shorts and wee'd. We are right at the front by the stage still. I'm glad I'm wearing wellies
I can smell weed in the air, the other girls are drinking beer, they said I should have one. I'm not though, I said I didn't need to drink to have fun.*
I'm glad I brought a jumper, it's really cold in the wind, though once you get into the crowd of sweaty men it's warmer.
Blokes keep wanting to take selfies with us.
I'm getting a tattoo
We went on the waltzer, and nearly died.LOL
I just had a massive burger - I so needed that I was starving.
Some girl was really pissed and just projectile vomited where we were dancing.
We are leaving now see you soon.
She arrived home at midnight, super hyped and with a mysterious case of the munchies (and very 'smokey' smelling hair). She told me more details about the text incidents and we sat and ate biscuits and then she went to bed and fell asleep in a second.  I can report that she had the best fun in ages at the festival, the texts of horror were merely snippets in a perfect day of awesome music, topless guys, food, and fun. She even said the toilet queues weren't that bad. I suspect she'll want to go again next year...and maybe soon she'll want to go to a camping festival without me, though as I'm the one that pitches the tent...maybe not quite yet!

*as an aside, she is so sensible it's funny, when they were planning to go she told her mates to pack jumpers "because it will be cold after the sun goes down" they looked at her and said "you're not our mum!"  "no" she replied, "I'm the one that does festivals! trust me on this, I'm taking leggings too!" and of course she was proved right, and they were glad they listened.
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  1. It sound like she had a wonderful time....hahaha At her texts they are brilliant! She sounds so sensible and mature! You must be so proud of her!

  2. Aww her texts are so funny. wow for being close to George!!! Its nice to think that she was able to get her phone out to text. I always thought it was best to leave phones at home but she was obviously fine using it. Thanks so much for linking up to #ToddlersAndTeens

  3. I am and she is hilarious!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by!


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