Outdoor Food On Friday - Open air Fry up

Today is the first day of a regular linky (I know! Exciting huh!) in which you can link up an outdoor food related post.  You don’t need to be a camper or have a camping blog, or a food blog, you just need a recipe or story on a blog post that relates to food eaten outside. Maybe you had a family barbecue? Maybe you have a great one pot chilli recipe, or a cool new way to make s’mores. Did you have a picnic? Or have a great sandwich recipe that travels well? We need to know!

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I’ll start us off with a post about the great British fry up – a camping staple in my camp! And as I usually only have one stove (unless I’m camping with friends) I do most of it in one pan, so first in go the sausages for a nice sizzle (it’s all about the timing), while they are cooking I get the Kelly Kettle on the boil for water for the tea, next the bacon goes in, if there is plenty of grease I may pop in some bread but usually I then have to start stacking bacon and sausages in the frying pan to make room for the tomato! Last in goes the egg. Once it is all almost ready I’ll whip it all off the heat, rest it on a brick and quickly make some toast, the Kelly Kettle will have boiled, so I’ll set DD to make the tea while I reheat the breakfast and serve!

And less washing up too…though I think I may invest in either a two ring cooker or a bigger frying pan. I have been experimenting with heating the beans over the chimney of the Kelly Kettle too!

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Outdoor Food on Friday

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  1. Sounds like a great idea! I'm going camping on Friday so will definitely be joining in (if I can work out all the techy stuff!)

  2. Hopefully it's pretty easy! after all, I can set it up haha. Hope you have fun camping. And that the weather is good. I look forward to seeing what you get up to!


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