Outdoor Food on Friday - Spanish Omelette Recipe

A change this week - a recipe. A great easy to make recipe that is perfect for picnics. I love Spanish omelette. Proper potato omelette with minimal ingredients, easy to make, stores and travels well and gives you a great taste of Spain. try it with crusty bread, olives and a glass of Sangria

I use a 27cm Frying pan with a glass lid, the lid lets you gently soften the potatoes and onions in their own steam, but an open frying pan works well too.

First peel about 4 medium sized potatoes and cube them into approximately 1cm cubes. Also peel and chunkily dice a couple of sweet onions. I crush some garlic to add too – your call on the garlic though.

Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in the pan, and add the potato, heat gently on a low heat you don’t want to burn them) for several minutes, turning regularly. As the potato begins to soften add the onion (and garlic if you are using it) stir them in and continue to lightly heat them, this is where I use the lid.

Whisk up 4-9 large eggs in a bowl with a tablespoonful of water. (I used 4 eggs in this example, but I’ve used more for a thicker omelette.)

Once the potato and onion are soft add the egg mixture, stir it through the vegetables and then leave it to heat and solidify.

Once it’s cooked through and the top is starting to look firm I cheat and pop the pan under the grill (rather than try to turn it over in the pan and risk breaking it) When the top is browned I place a large plate into the frying pan and then turn it out.

Perfect. Eat hot or cold. Once cold it can be cut into slices and works well in a packed lunch, or for a picnic.

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