Outdoor Food on Friday - June 12th 2015

I had hoped to eat outside with the family last weekend, either in a pub garden (yes that counts) or a picnic in the countryside. But DD’s sudden exit to a festival changed our plans and hubby and I had a lazy day buying some plants, blogging and snoozing instead.

I did drink margaritas in the garden, but I’m not sure that warrants a whole blog post.

This weekend I would like to eat outside, I’m hoping the weather will be good enough for us to pitch the tent and get painting it, and that would be a good excuse to spread a blanket out and have a picnic on the lawn.

Food eaten outside always tastes nicer, and it’s not hard to organise, especially in your own garden! I will be buying a bag of ice for £1 at the local supermarket and filling the cool box with water, ice and cans of J2O, ginger beer, actual beer and gin and tonics.
For the picnic I’ll choose some summer fruits, berries are bright and colourful, encouraging healthy eating! I might make a pasta salad with rocket and baby lettuce leaves, and then some nibbles. I adore French bread and pate eaten outside for some reason it feels quite luxurious (may have to add a bottle of wine to my cool box!). Crisps of course, mini scotch eggs, tiny sausage rolls….oh I love a picnic.

Now of course I’ve cursed it and the weather will change. If it does I’ll eat all that in the conservatory! I refuse to be denied my picnic.

Have I missed any essential picnic food? Have you eaten outside this week? Do link up and add the badge to your post or blog.

Outdoor Food on Friday

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