Festival News and Excitement

This year I'm off to some new festivals to expand my festival range. While there is much to be said for a familiar festival year after year, I think I should also look outside of that comfort zone and look at some other sites.

I also wanted to wait to see some of the line ups this year before deciding and then...

I was told about Cornbury Festival. I'd heard about it of course, but had never been before. The Cornbury Festival is in Oxfordshire, not too much of a drive for me and looking around to see what other bloggers have thought of it, it looks amazing. Travel Loving Family had nothing but great things to say about Cornbury Festival, not least a reminder that it is known as 'Poshstock' due to the number of celebrities that attend!
And the line up!! This year the lineup just looks amazing, several of my absolute favourites and Alanis Morrissette headlining on Saturday night! In fact Saturday is all about the women! Where other festivals are being slated for having t…

Monday Camping must have - a penknife

Every camper needs a penknife. A good penknife is a knife of course, fun for whittling sticks and making them sharp to use for skewering marshmallows or sausages to toast over an open fire, but a Swiss army style penknife is so much more.

Many is the time my penknife has sliced cheese when I forgot to take a decent sharp knife, or has been used to slice open a tough plastic packet.

But much more importantly my knife has a beer bottle opener, and a corkscrew so alcohol is never denied me when I have finally pitched up. No longer am I rummaging about for a tin opener either as while basic, my penknife has that too.

Tweezers are in a secret compartment at one end, excellent for splinter removal and then there are screwdrivers, and spikes to make clean holes in tarpaulin or wood.

A file for when you break a nail....or possibly for more rugged uses such as smoothing rough edges on pole repairs or fishing rods you have constructed from willow branches might be included, and scissors of cour…

Monday Camping Must Have - Multi purpose trugs

Number one in a series.
My camping must haves are many and various, but for versatility there is not much to beat a trug. These flexible buckets are great for carrying stuff, from muddy boots, wet washing, dirty crockery, and water, to dog food, toys, and packets of food they are simply the most useful thing.

Able to hold water, they are great for carrying it back from the tap to the tent. They can be used as a washing up bowl, as a bath for small children, as a sink and as storage for both dirty and clean plates. I always have a few of the small size (they stack easily too) and have a 'dirty' and 'clean' one colour coded for ease in sorting stuff after meals.

If you don't yet have at least one, you can grab them here,

Choose small (14L) for carrying water and using as a bowl/sink. Use a large(38L) one for bath and welly storage. (I have 4 small ones at the moment, and one large)

All sizes are good for transporting bits and pieces, and for storage.

Links are Amazon…

Going back into the past again this year

A couple of years ago my daughter and I were invited to England's Medieval Festival in East Sussex. Since then we've enjoyed visiting each year. I was wondering if a medieval festival would have much to offer, as I'm mainly a 'chill, listen to bands and have a drink in a field' sort of festival goer normally. But I was very pleasantly surprised.

Ways that England's Medieval Festival is like all other festivals
Camping. There is a nice campsite, with options of family camping, glamping and normal camping. The car park is close to the campsite. Portable toilets. Yes, sorry folks, there are plastic portable loos on site and in the camping area.Food. Plenty of excellent street type food is on offer, and it's not all medieval hog roasts (though they do usually have a hog roasting by the beer tent). Food ranged from vegan curries, through chips and sausages, paella, seafood, and waffles. They had fried potato swirls on a stick! And the castle tea rooms are open to…

Toilet Trouble at Festivals

The world of pain that is the festival loo. Whenever I mention festivals to non festival goers I get the same response 'oh but the toilets!'

It seems that the thought of exposing your buttocks to the elements in a tiny plastic portable toilet is many people's biggest festival worry!

Will the toilet be clean? Will it be safe? Will it be leaning, or have gaps around the door? Will the door lock? Will there be a queue? Will there be toilet paper? How will I wash my hands? Will it smell? Will it be .. *retch* ... 'full'?

So calm down, take a deep breath...actually no, maybe not that...

Festivals toilets are usually cleaned at least daily, sometimes more often, they are emptied and washed down very thoroughly. The toilet paper is renewed too. Of course it does sometimes run out, but fear not, you just need a bit of tissue in your pocket.The toilets are supplied by companies that specialise, so they will be set on suitable ground, they shouldn't lean or wobble.The door…

Exciting bucket list news

As you may (or may not) know, while I am a tent enthusiast, my teen daughter is less so. For years she has craved a camper van, but at over £10,000 for even a tiny second hand one they were never an option for me. After all, I'm a 'grab a second hand tent for under £30 on eBay' kind of girl normally. (i.e. cheap)

But then last year it rained at Camp Bestival and we spent more time in the tent and were wetter and colder and muddier than normal.

Now don't get me wrong, a festival in the rain is still a festival and still awesome. I still loved the bands and the drinking and the mooching about. Even the mud is a fun experience, but as I am getting older I need to sit more and to sit comfortably and while we did have the 'sofa' I sometimes crave a 'proper seat'...if only it had been drier the Caravanserai would have been perfect!

Last year I had actually had a hunt around for a camper van, but most companies wanted you to rent for at least a week, and also…

Big Fish Little Fish take raves on tour with Camp Bestival

New Year new festivals! Well yes, but some old favourites too of course. And this year to whet our appetites Camp Bestival are touring around with Big Fish Little Fish the family rave experts in a series of fun (and very reasonably priced) events.

Even if you can't be at Camp Bestival (and there is still time to sign up to the ticket plan) you can pop along to a rave! (or go to one as a festival taster?)


Long-term Camp Bestival consorts, Big Fish Little Fish are finest purveyors of quality raves for all the family. Enlisting big name DJs that mums and dads love from days of yore and mixing them up with fabulous fun and ga…