Tuesday Tip - eye masks and ear plugs

Sometimes sleeping in a tent can't be tricky, both at festivals, where it can be extremely noisy at night, or in a campsite with crying babies (not yours!) or lowing cows, assorted wildlife screeching or rowdy tent neighbours.

Nighttime needs to be peaceful and if it's not then a set of soft earplugs are your friend!
Do not use earplugs if you have children that may need you in the night, obviously, you need to hear them, but you don't need to hear the man in the next tent snoring like a dying hippo (this actually happened at Glastonbury and I've never been so grateful for earplugs).
So assuming you can safely be deaf overnight earplugs are excellent. I favour the soft ones that are disposable, you squeeze them and insert them and they expand into the ear canal, deadening all sound, they are great.

The second thing that can cause lack of sleep is at the other end of the day. Canvas (and nylon) can be pretty poor at keeping light out on a bright sunny morning, so in the summer when dawn is so early light can be a real waking problem.
I now take a sleep mask away and wear that at night (by now I can tell you are impressed at my sleeping gear) and it really helps with a lie in.
So that's this weeks Tuesday tip, ear plugs and eye masks to help extend your sleeping hours and ensure a restful camping trip.

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