Outdoor food on Friday - September 11th 2015

Friday again and I'm still after your outside food posts. (see how persistent I am? You may as well join in!)

This week has seen me back at work after a summer of festivals and camping. So this weeks outdoor food is a fondly remembered meal in a field at a festival. I do wish I could be at festivals all summer long, they really are fabulous!

Have you been eating outside and blogged about it? Have you a recipe that travels well for a camper or hiker? A cake that resists squashing in a rucksack? All outdoor food themed posts gladly accepted.

Please grab a badge for your blog (I'd love if you did this even if you don't have a post to link up) and link up below. Please also share on social media if you can - I'd like some posts to read!

Thank you

(I'll try and do a recipe next week - what sort of things would be good? warming winter soups or cake for mountain walks?) 
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