Outdoor Food on Friday - snacks when you are walking

October, Halloween approaches and the gorgeous autumnal tints are brightening the woodland. It's a time to put on some warm waterproof clothes and go for a walk. I don't know about you but when I go out walking I like to take a snack or two, it seems appropriate to reward all that healthy outdoor exercise with a nibble, and in the cooler months you need something to keep you warm, all that walking and staying snug takes energy!

My favourite walking food if I'm not out all day is Kendal mint cake, the hiker's friend, it doesn't melt in hot weather, it is practically pure sugar so very good for an energy boost and the added mint makes it easier to eat than. for example, fudge, without feeling sick!

In the autumn and winter of course you can risk some chocolate as long as it's not close to you, but popped in a rucksack it will stay nice for a spot of snacking. (in bear country you may like to avoid Snickers - I've heard stories...)

If I'm out for a full day of course I like to take a proper picnic and I still find a cheese sandwich the best option, easy to make and pack, hard to destroy and coupled with a bag of crisps and a large slab of fruit cake it will keep you going all day.

sheep on welsh hills
Sheep like crisps and are not as dangerous as bears

Have you any good food tips for a walk? Have you blogged about picnic food or any good recipes that travel well, even a blog about sweets! Do link up below. And grab a badge for your blog. Thanks
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