Raining and staying dry

Good day tent and festival lovers! Today's appalling weather (raining here in the UK as I type) has reminded me of the horror of our Isle of Wight camping trip this year and the discovery that my (very old) waterproof jacket no longer was, waterproof that is!

Looking around the outdoor type shops in the town I was stunned at the prices, I'm sure that there is lots to said for a £300 water proof jacket but realistically I can't afford that sort of money, and with a Welsh holiday looming for the whole family later this year, and DD needing a new coat too things needed thinking about.

Wales is green and beautiful and it's also very moist. I have holidayed there for many years and love walks along river banks, canals, and mountainsides, but the common factor to most of my holidays is rain.

I wanted a very simple thing, a waterproof coat, with taped seems if possible, and a hood. I did not expect that to cost more that a 2 man tent.

After several days of shop visits I was almost set to give up and just convert a bin bag when I realised I had failed to look online! A quick search revealed that not only do many shops list sale items online that are not in the stores, but there are whole discount online suppliers!

SO I am now the proud owner of a water proof jacket, as is DD. I bought mine from a retail seller on ebay and found another excellent discount retailer at the Regatta Outlet Store. So if you are hunting for a waterproof coat - and have a tight budget, that's today's top tip!

Regatta outlet store webpage

I shall report back after the holiday but DD has already tested hers in a storm and declared it extremely snuggly and dry.
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