Eat what you like, it's a holiday

At home I'm a fairly strict parent. I'm all about balanced diets, five a day, no fizzy drinks and minimal crisp munching. We make homemade cakes so that they are not over sweet or full of E numbers. Most of our meals are made from scratch. In fact DD is so used to having 'meat and two veg' that she's not that keen on junk food!

But when we are on holiday (which for us usually means camping, all of that goes out the window (or the tent flap).

I suddenly favour things that will 'keep' without a fridge. Snacks that are prepacked (and thus insect proof) and easy to carry, cartons of juice, bags of crisps, 'breakfast' bars (that we all know are just sugar thrown at some oats), of course nature has given us the banana, the perfect snack food, also the easy peel satsuma, but other than that I'm looking at manmade all the way.

teen eating an apple at a festival

Even when it comes to actual meals I'm all about cans and packets, cans of chilli or hot dogs (easy to store, nothing to break). Pouches of stew, packets of ready to heat rice, individually packed buns, cans of all day breakfast...though I do cook a fried breakfast from scratch...there are some standards one must keep even when camping. The main reason for using ready made food and cans is storage, but also the fact that the longer you need to cook things, the more gas or other fuel you'll burn, so things that are fast to reheat are cheaper in the long term.

a pizza

If I'm not camping, or if I have the luxury of eating out I still don't stick to the healthy options, nor do I make DD stick to them. If she wants fish and chips every day, good on her. If she fancies cake for breakfast and then nothing to eat until a pie at 3pm, I'm happy with that. Full of ice cream so you don't want tea? Great - you're on holiday, eat what you like! (in California - a rare foreign holiday she begged for broccoli on day 5 ..I have created a healthy eating monster)

teen eating a pizza at a festival

Do you try and keep to a healthy eating regime where ever you are are? Do you cook from scratch over a tiny camping stove? Do you never eat healthy? Or are you a pick and mix sort of eater? Let me know on Twitter or on my Facebook page.

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