Put to the Test - Liquiproof waterproofer

I am a camper so I'm very familiar with water, getting soaked, ruined trainers, soggy jeans, etc etc you get the picture. After all I live in the UK, home of damp summers and wetter springs, saturated autumns and drowning winters.

liquiproof waterproofer and some canvas shoes

When I was asked if I fancied reviewing Liquiproof I was keen to try something new, I've used water proofers in the past of course, famously I had to respray the tent and used rather a lot of Fabsil. The trouble with most water proofers is that they smell really bad so you have to use them in well ventilated areas and they stink the place out as they dry. Not so with Liquiproof! I was suspicious when told this but also intrigued, how could something water based be water proof? My tiny brain couldn't cope
"The solution works by bonding SiO2 particles to the individual fibres of the fabric, creating permanent bonded layers which forms an invisible barrier that keeps water and oil from ruining the shoe surface.
The cutting edge formula is effective for everyday situations allowing even suede shoes and jackets to maintain permanently stain free from the rain and spillages. The cost effective formula enables a permanent  protector for all shoes and clothing without affecting the look, feel or breathability of the fabric."
So I gave it a go. I tried it on my favourite new material summer shoes, the instructions are pretty easy, Start with clean items, spray until the surface is damp, work the liquid in with a brush (I use a toothbrush, a clean one, not Dear Husband's) and then wait 10 minutes and spray them again. Then wait 24 hours before testing them in the sink...the testing them in the sink is optional but it's so much fun!! (I cannot wait to do my denim jacket!)
So my review is - Liquiproof is amazing, easy to use, no smell and it works! I haven't tried washing a product treated yet but apparently it lasts several washes, I'l let you know after I've treated the jacket. I am very impressed. (and now I'll be able to wear my favourite summer shoes even in a British summer!)

You can see the product impressing the Dragons on Dragon's Den here.

You can find out more about it here and buy Liquiproof at a selection of U.K Stockists, Office, Selfridges, Offspring, Urban Outfitters, Birkenstock, The Natural Shoe Store or grab some on Amazon

Prices start at £10

I was sent a bottle of Liquiproof for the purposes of this review but the review above is my own!

Liquiproof says :
"Everyday, the clothing, furniture and footwear that we buy is exposed to the risk of dirt and damage, and the greatest hazard is from the accidental spills that often occur when we eat and drink.
The classic example that springs to mind is the nightmare of red wine spilling onto a spotless cream carpet. But imagine if the wine was unable to soak in and remained in beads on the surface, ready to be cleaned up without leaving a stain…. that’s the result of Liquiproof Fabric Protection.
By protecting your apparel and furnishings with Liquiproof, you can enjoy the carefree lifestyle of knowing that your belongings will be shielded from damage, stay cleaner and look smarter for longer."
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