Safety in the pool and the importance of a swimming hat

Over on Facebook today I saw a post sharing a truly frightening story of a young girl getting her hair caught in a pool filter while on holiday, and subsequently nearly drowning. She lost chunks of hair and had to be treated in hospital, she was lucky to survive this terrifying experience.

I have read about pool filters and the dangers of them before, and whether at home or abroad it's easy to forget safety when we are on holiday and having fun.

When DD was younger she had waist length hair and because wet waist length hair is a pain when you are trying to swim, we bought her a swimming hat. While she initially hated it and thought it looked a bit silly, she soon realised the benefits, no wet hair all over your face as you surface, no tangles after swimming (or at least a lot fewer than when it's loose) and even slightly better speed when swimming as there is less drag!

When we holidayed in Spain there were signs all around the pool telling guests to wear a swimming hat if their hair was longer than shoulder length and the hotel sold swimming hats so that there was no excuse. Initially I assumed it was some hygiene reason, less loose hair in the pool or something, but I soon realised it was more about safety.

Girl wearing a swimming hat in a pool on a rubber ring

All long hair gets tangled, more so when wet and it's easy to catch it on things, valves of floats, step handles and of course, pool filters.

So my reminder to you all - if you are going to be using a pool this holiday - take swimming hats! You can buy all sorts of pretty or funky ones online for kids and adults alike. (they don't need to be latex or rubber either, you can buy material ones that are more comfy)

Wear your hat with pride, and stay safe.

Jason Bradbury demonstrates that even when you have more hair on your chest than your head, you can still rock a swimming hat

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