About me

Hi, I'm Naomi

I am 52 and disabled. I discovered festivals quite late, I was already in my 40s and  DD (darling daughter) was 7 when I first dragged her away to a festival in Suffolk.

My tiny hippy
We both had a super time and started going to festivals every year, we now go to at least 3 a year. It's not just the music that draws us either, we love the entire atmosphere, the relaxing, the comedy, the fancy dress, the air of joyous freedom.

Any excuse to carry a whip all day

We also go camping in one of our many tents too, when we get the chance.  I live in a virtual world of festivals and tents. I prefer tents to caravans, though a traditional VW camper van could sway me. My daughter,who is now 17,  is a more reluctant tent camper, dragged along for the ride, and the toasted marshmallows. She would prefer a Winnebago to camp in.

Glastonbury Mud
My long suffering husband does not 'do' camping. So it is either DD and me, or me alone, though I have been know to find a music loving friend to take to a festival.

Having recently aquired a new puppy she may be featuring in the camping adventures soon.

Marshmallows taste best slightly burnt

DD and me at a festival in the sun

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