Picnic Essentials - Outdoor Food on Friday

Ooh tis friday, and a chance question on twitter has me thinking about picnics! Someone asked about your favourite thing for a picnic, the one item that makes it perfect. I don't think I can narrow it down to one so I'm going with :

Cheese Straws

Cheese and pastry in one delicious hit. They travel well (assuming you don't crush them, but warm sun doesn't harm them) they are not messy to eat, and kids like them.

Scotch eggs

I like the mini ones with the egg scrambled in the middle. Simple to pop into your mouth and another great item for kids. Not so great in the sun, but in a cool box they will last until lunch with out going nasty.


I know some kids don't like them, but some do and I love them. DD has grown to love them and they are great with any other savoury food. Great for a snack and go nicely with wine


Golden Wonder for preference and probably salt and vinegar (which I love with an egg sandwich). Though Marmite flavour are also rather yummy.


Any wine. Keep it cool in a cool bag or tie the bottle into a cloth bag and dangle it in the nearest stream to keep it cool. You can even cool it using water over a tea towel draped over the bottle in the shade

So there are my picnic essentials. What are yours? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook or write a post and link up!.

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